Ian Hardie – Subsistence Prime Vendor Afghanistan Program Manager

Ian (Toby) Hardie is a retired UK Warrant Officer II in Movement Control/Logistics for 25 years; he was deployed on operational tours to both Iraq and Afghanistan under the Joint Forces Logistic Element for the planning and execution of the sustainment elements to front lines.   Toby took up employment after retirement for ANHAM’s Private Security Provider in 2004 but also was seconded in the consultant role for various project planning in Iraq, he became a direct employee in 2009 and took up the post as Project Manager for ANHAM’s LOGCAP IV sub-contract with Fluor in Kandahar.  Toby relocated to Kabul in 2010 and took over Program Management of the Host Nation Trucking Contract and the follow on National Afghan Trucking Contract, as the contract expired in 2012 he then moved across to Subsistence Prime Vendor-A in the General Manager post and recently took up the Program Manager appointment in Feb 2016.