Brad Dunn- Subsistence Prime Vendor-IJK Program Manager

Bradley Dunn is the Program Manager in Kuwait for the Prime Vendor Operation serving customers in Kuwait, Iraq, and Jordan for the United States Military and the United States Department of State where he was in charge of the delivery and ongoing management of a 100+ Million dollar contract for the US Government Defense Logistics Agency overseeing 3 large multi-temp warehouse facilities, 2 full service truck depots and a multinational workforce in Kuwait and Iraq.  In addition,  Brad is involved in customer management, strategic planning, and operations improvement  ensuring high levels of excellence in the past and the future.  Brad became the Program Manager in 2014 after working as the Director of Customer Service.  Brad helped oversee the most recent transition from the United States Military mission to the United States Department of State in Iraq in 2012.   The accomplishments of the program include the 1st ever transition from an incumbent prime during war time and successful transitions to Department of State of which Mr Dunn was very instrumental.

Brad has worked in the supply chain sector for over 20 years and specifically focused on high volume distribution operations  in the United States, Middle East and Europe.   Brad reports directly to Mr Gaven Jones, COO.  Brad has earned his Bachelors of Science in Industrial Engineering from NC State University and the Masters in Business from Queens University.