Meet Simon Whitcher Horn

Simon-Whitcher-Horn-1I joined ANHAM in the February of 2013 as an Operations Manager for the PV project in Afghanistan. During this time, I gained promotion to Warehouse Director in November 2013.

In December of 2013 I was asked to run the site while another startup operation was underway in Kandahar. Following on from this my next opportunity was to implement ISO 9001!

A few months of hard work, loads of support and guidance we were ready for the site inspection. After a successful review ANHAM Afghanistan were to be a certified ISO company.

The next challenge was the Humanitarian Aid project in Kuwait which saw me given the designation of Project Manager with the full support of the senior management and the Kuwait team the target was to receive, store and dispatch 1.9 million cases of stock in 4 months. All under the watchful eye of Patricio the customer and the DLA. After setting up the site, equipment, MHE processes, training plans and the communication all of course with the expert assistance of the team we totally nailed it! The target number of trucks to be dispatched was 999 and we hit the Target on time and as planned .

The DLA were hugely complimentary and I even received a letter of recommendation and a coin from the Major which kind of let me know what we had actually achieved.

So after the challenges of the US-AID program over I am now Commercial Contracts Manager in Kuwait I feel successful and I simply cannot explain the huge amount of support I have received and look to a very prosperous career with ANHAM.